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Elite Club



FAS Elite is licensed by the AAU (Amateaur Athletetic Union).  It is a much higher level of competition for the more advanced players who have progressed beyond recreational league play.  FAS Elite teams travel and play against other top-level teams in weekend tournaments.  This requires a higher level of dedication, devotion and commitment in both time and effort by the athlete and their families as weekend tournaments can take up the entire weekend.  However, if your goal is to compete in high school basketball or beyond, this program will empower you to get there.



FAS Elite teams are formed through tryouts and feature professional coaches.  Open to any 3rd to 11 grade athletes, tryouts are held monthly depending on how many players are currently on the team and if additional player(s) are needed.  Each team consists of a maximum of 10 players and is based on the grade of the athlete.  FAS Elite's  basketball year is broken up into two seasons:

  • Winter
    • 3rd to 8th Grade: January to mid-June
    • High School: February to mid-June
  • Summer
    • 3rd to 8th Grade: July to mid- December
    • High School: mid-July to November

If you choose to play, you are fully committed for the entire season and are expected to travel outside of the city to play in weekend tournaments and/or leagues.  Most tournaments will be in Orange County, depending on the quality of the tournament and the needs/skill levels of the team.  Our goal is to enable you to advance and excel to the highest level of play.



To allow the athlete to participate in multiple sports, a year-long commitment is not required, only a seasonal one.  Thus, the athlete can choose to play basketball seasons.  Each athlete and their families are required to sign a commitment contract for the season prior to being selected on a team.  



  • 2 weekly practices (average 3 hours per week)

  • 6-8 games per month (2 weekend tournaments every other weekend)

  • Professional coaches for all practices and games

If interested or for more information, register at: Elite Team Interest List