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FAS Recreational Leagues offer both boys and girls in Pre-K thru 8th grade an overall basketball experience in a fun and friendly environment where each and every player has equal playing time and focus is on development.  Both new and experienced players are welcome.





For those in Pre-K (ages 4+) thru intermediate level 1st grade, we provide a Rookie program that stresses  game FUNdamentals.  Each season consists of three (3) to five (5) Skills & Drills sessions and three (3) to four(4) games.  Sessions are typically held on Sundays only from 12:30 to 1:30 pm at Sonora High School.










For those in advanced 1st grade thru 8th grade, we provide a Divisions program that stresses sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork, and camaraderie with weekly team practices and Sunday games.








November thru February

Rookies: Pre-K thru 1st
(8 sessions)

Divisions: Advanced 1st - 8th
(9-11 Games)

Sundays after 12 noon

Registration Opens September 2024



March thru May

Rookies: Pre-K thru 1st
(7 sessions)

Divisions: Advanced 1st - 8th
(7-9 Games)

Sundays after 12 noon

Registration Opens January 2025



July thru August

Rookies: Pre-K thru 1st
(7 sessions)

Divisions: Advanced 1st - 8th
(7-9 Games)

Sundays after 12 noon

Registration Opens April 2024



September thru October

Rookies: Pre-K thru 1st
(7 sessions)

Divisions: Advanced 1st - 8th
(7-9 Games)

Sundays after 12 noon

Registration Opens July 2024!




Q:  What is the difference between Recreational Leagues and Elite Club?

A:  Recreational Leagues are the traditional league play where each player gets equal playing time.  Teams usually practice once or twice per week and are balanced with a mix of beginning, intermediate and advanced players.

The Elite Club provides a higher, more competitive level of play, designed to prepare boys and girls in the 2nd through 8th grade for high school competition.   High School Elite teams allows high school athletes to compete during the high school off-season when the high school programs are over.  Elite teams primarily consist of advanced caliber players and travel to play against other top-level Southern California teams.  For more information on Elite Club, please click here.


Q:   When are the breaks in the Recreational Leagues?

A:  FAS games do not occur the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the two (2) weeks of Winter Break, Super Bowl Sunday, Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend and the month of June (i.e. vacation month).

Q:  What are the grade levels/divisions?


  • Rookie:

Pre-Kindergarten (age 4+) thru Intermediate 1st Grade

  • Division 1 (Co-Ed):

Advanced Level 1st Grade and All Levels 2nd Grade

  • Division 2 (Co-Ed):

3rd and 4th Grade

  • Division 3 (Co-Ed):

5th and 6th Grade

  • Division 4 (Co-Ed):

7th and 8th Grade

  • High School (Co-Ed):

9th through 12th Grade


Q:  Can my child play up a division? 

A:  In certain instances, a player will be allowed to play up a division. 


Q:  Can my child play down a division?

A:  In certain instances, due to safety issues, a player will be allowed to play down one division.


Q:  What are the ball sizes for each division?


  • Rookie:


  • Division 1 (Co-Ed):


  • Division 2 Co-Ed):


  • Division 3 (Co-Ed):


  • Division 4 (Co-Ed):


  • High School (Co-Ed):




Q: Do I need to purchase a FAS basketball?

A:  Rookies are required to purchase a FAS basketball.  Divisions 1-4 are not required.  However, it is recommended as the game ball is a FAS basketball.  FAS basketballs can be purchased at any of our events such as Player Evaluations, 1st session, etc.


Q:  What are the hoop heights for each division?

A:  All divisions play at 10 feet except for Rookie which play at 8 feet.


Q: Why are there evaluations?

A:  Player Evaluations are essential to our goal of creating equally talented and balanced teams. To achieve this goal, the evaluations are mandatory for players in Divisions 1-4 each season.  The evaluations are not tryouts, as all registered players will be assigned to a team regardless of their ability.


Q: What if my child cannot attend the main evaluation day?

A:  Under certain circumstances, if your player cannot attend the main evaluation day, a make-up evaluation day may be arranged but is not guaranteed.  You must contact us 2 weeks prior to the main evaluation day if your player cannot attend the main evaluation day.


Q:  How will the teams be formed?

A:  During Player Evaluations, players are ranked based on their skill within their division. Team Coaches then select the players to be on their team during the draft process with an emphasis on team balance. 


Q:  How many players are on a team?

A:  Depending on the season and the number of registered players, there can be a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10 players per team.


Q:  When will I know what team we're on?

A:  Usually about 1 week after Player Evaluations, the Team Coaches will meet to draft the teams.  Shortly thereafter the teams will be formed and the Head Coach will contact the team via the team messaging app.  In addition, the player can log into their FAS account and see which team they are assigned to.


Q:  Can I guarantee that my child will play on a specific team or with a specific buddy?

A:  While you can request to be on the same team at Player Evaluations, the only "freeze" we allow is for the Team and Assistant Coach's child(ren).  Siblings in the same Division will be placed on the same team.  Our primary goal is to have balanced teams in each Division. Often Team Coaches will work together during the draft process to get friends or players they may have coached from previous seasons, but there are no guarantees. Again, our primary mission is to have evenly matched teams determined by a fair and equitable draft process. 


Q:  Who coaches the teams?

A:  Team and Assistant Coaches are volunteers, mostly parents. In some cases, an individual with no children may be interested in coaching a team.  In either case, each coach is required to fill out an application and go through an interview with FAS management.  All Team and Assistant Coaches are required to submit to a background check and other mandatory certification/ training.


Q:  When does the season start and end?

A:  Information for each season is posted on the website at the time of registration and during the season.  Click on the blue title for each program/registration for details.


Q:  When are practices held and how often?

A:  Practice day(s) and time(s) are determined by individual Team Coach(es) based on their availability.  Practice times are normally Mondays to Fridays any time between 5:00 to 9:00 pm, Saturdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  The Team Coach(es) can choose to practice up to two times per week with some of the younger teams practicing only once per week.  By registering, you are committing to being able to attend practices at those times.


Q:  Where are practices held?

A:  It is up to the individual team and Team Coach to decide where practices are held.  To alleviate the stress of trying to find a nearby indoor gym, FAS has contracted local schools (i.e. Fullerton College, Fullerton High School, Sonora High School or Troy High School) to reserve indoor gym times.  Gyms are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Hourly rental rates are assessed but are usually better than what the individual team can obtain for themselves.  Rental fees are paid upfront and in advance for the entire season and are non-refundable.  There are also outdoor courts available at no additional cost to the team on a first come first serve basis.


Q: When are the games played?

A: Games are played on Sundays, usually after 12 noon at the local high schools.  However, during Playoffs and Finals, games can start earlier to accommodate double or triple headers.  Game schedules for the season are posted one week before the 1st game, except for Playoffs and Finals, which are posted the Monday after the last game of the season.


Q: Where are the games played?

A: Games are usually played at nearby gyms: Fullerton College, Fullerton High School, Sonora High School, or Troy High School.


Q: Can I read the rules for each division?

A: Yes, the rules are posted online under INFO, DOCUMENTS.  Login to your FAS account to access.


Q: What is FASPACK?

A: FASPACK is the uniform/gear package required for each member.  It usually includes a game uniform (personalized reversible jersey and reversible short), shooter shirt and bag, all of the essentials needed to get started.  Rookie FASPack can be purchased once and used until the player advances to Division 1.  Divisions FASPack is purchased once and can be used for the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.  Each Winter season is the start of a new basketball year and a new Divisions FASPack will be required to be purchased.

Q:  When do I need to purchase a new uniform?

A:   Rookie uniforms is required to be purchased once and worn until the player advances to Division 1

New Division uniforms (i.e. FASPack) is required to be purchased each Winter season but can be used for the following Spring, Summer, and Fall season.  If you did not play in the Winter season, you must purchase a new uniform the 1st season that you join.

All Rookie and Division players must wear the official uniform for the current season in order to participate in any games.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Q:  Can I exchange my uniform?

A:  Once uniforms have been ordered, they can only be exchanged at an additional cost of $40 as each jersey is customized with the Player's name.  Thus, it is highly recommended that you attend one of the FASPack Sizing event or at Player Evaluations to try on sample uniform to ensure that you ordered the correct size.  You can change the size at that time.


Q:  Why is enrollment limited for each division?

A:  Maximum player enrollment counts are required due to the limited availability of local area gymnasiums and coaches. Once the maximum number of players is reached for a division, a wait list is started.


Q:  Are there any discounts available?

A:  Early Bird discount of $20 off of the season registration fee is available at the beginning of each season.  Payment must be received and made before the early bird deadline to receive the discount.

Q:  How do I volunteer?

A: During the registration process, you can select to be a volunteer.  In addition, you can also contact us via email to inform us that you wish to volunteer.


Q:  Are there mandatory sponsorship or fundraising required?

A:  No, FAS does not require any team sponsorship or fundraising.  However, if the team acquires a sponsor or raises funds, the funds will go back to the team to be used at their discretion.  FAS does take a small percentage of the funds to cover administrative costs.


Q:  What if I missed the registration deadline?

A:  If there is a spot available, we will allow a player to register late.  However, a $25 late fee will be assessed in addition to the regular registration fee.


Q:  What types of payment are acceptable?

A:  All major credit cards are accepted.  However, there is a 3.00% fee that the credit card vendor assesses for credit card payments.  This is the usual and customary fee charged by the credit card vendors.  To avoid the credit card processing fee, check and cash payments are accepted at walk-in registrations.  Any returned or stopped checks will incur a $35 processing fee.


Q: What is the Refund Policy?

A: Because we fill up in most divisions, each player that is registered takes a spot away from another potential player.  Thus, there are no refunds for any League Registration, monthly Academy, Elite Club, Camps, FASPack, apparel, or basketball fees.