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Coaches Corner




Fast Action Sports (FAS) is always looking for individuals to volunteer to be a Head Coach or Assistant Coach for our recreational League teams.  This is a wonderful opportunity to be actively involved in your child's life and a rewarding way to give back to your local community.  No prior coaching experience is required.  However, it is helpful if you know the game of basketball.

FAS wants to make your time as a Coach to be a fun and gratifying experience for both you and your player(s).  We will provide as much (or as little) support as needed to help you succeed in this role.  All coaches will be AAU registered and trained.



Requirements of the Head Coach and Assistant Coach:

  • Complete background check
  • Complete Positive Coaching Alliance online training
  • Attend Player Evaluations
  • Attend mandatory coaches meeting(s)
  • Communicate and cooperate with other FAS personnel
  • Organize, conduct, and supervise all practices and games
  • Assist in the prevention and care in case of injury
  • Emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship and fair play
  • Show cordial courtesy to visiting teams and game officials
  • Remember that an athletic contest is just a game, not a matter of life and death
  • Communicate effectively with parents regarding practices, games and other aspects of the program
  • Develop and maintain a positive rapport with your players and parents
  • Secure a team manager/parent
  • Represent FAS at all events with appropriate apparel and demeanor



As a FAS Head Team Coach or Assistant Coach, you are representing the organization and thus, will be a role model for players, parents and other volunteers.  FAS expects you to create a fun and positive learning environment for both players and parents and to behave according to the guidelines below:


Desired Behaviors


        Unacceptable Behaviors

  • Use of positive techniques and methods to teach the fundamental skills of basketball
  • Demonstrate and teach your players good sportsmanship
  • Be respectful of players, other coaches, referees, parents and other FAS volunteers
  • Appreciate and applaud good play by your team and your opponent
  • Develop the skill of ALL players, regardless of their talent, athleticism or capabilities
  • Emphasize safety and enjoyment of the game so that each player will have positive memories of their FAS experience


  • Any form of verbal abuse, including the use of profanity, obscenity, or vulgar language
  • Any form of physical abuse, such as hitting, pushing, or threatening to hit any referee, coach, player, spectator or chapter official
  • Smoking around players during practices or games
  • Drinking, being intoxicated or using illegal drugs while involved in any FAS activity
  • Teaching and using unnecessarily rough game tactics against the body of an opposing player


FAS will review any infractions of the Code of Conduct or complaints against any FAS volunteer. Depending on the seriousness and/or frequency, FAS may assess disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from FAS.



How to Become a Head Team Coach or Assistant Coach

  1. Contact FAS via email at support@FastActionSports.org to discuss.
  2. Register to be an AAU coach (FAS AAU # W38A49):
      • Go to https://aausports.org
      • Register as NON-ATHLETE Extended Coverage Memberships (AB).  Annual membership runs Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 of following year.
  3. Complete free online Positive Coaching Alliance's Double-Goal Coaching Training   You must complete all three courses/levels.
  4. Complete free online Heads Up Concussion Training.
  5. Download and complete Abuse Molestation Agreement.
  6. Email your AAU membership #, four (4) Certificates of Completion and the Abuse Molestation Agreement to support@FastActionSports.org
  7. FAS will then contact you for next steps.